external image 18048.jpg Patients with symptoms of angina usually experience:

  • weight loss
  • sore stomach
  • tiered all the time
  • shortness of breath
  • sweating
  • woman with symptoms of angina usually have sore back and abdomen

Some different types of angina include:

Living with angina:

  • When the angina comes on, stop what you are doing, sit down and rest.

  • If you have been given glyceryl trinitrate spray, sit down, and then take the exact amount your doctor has told you to use.

  • If you have glyceryl trinitrate tablets, also sit down and place one tablet under your tongue or in your cheek and allow it to dissolve.

  • If the angina has been relieved by rest, or by your glyceryl trinitrate spray or tablets, resume your activities but take it easy.

  • If the angina still persists and the medicine that you have been given by your doctor does not work call 000 RIGHT AWAY!!!

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Smoking is an associated risk factor. In most series, approximately 75-80% of angina patients smoke.