Smoking costs Australians the estimated value of $3,650 for a pack a day smoker every year.
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people all around the world smoke, and it costs all of us so much

health costs:

  • Of the total health care costs resulting from all forms of drug abuse in 1998-99, approximately 80% were attributable to tobacco. In that year costs of tobacco was $1094.4 million net, including medical, hospital, nursing home and pharmaceutical costs.
  • Savings associated with avoided deaths and related declines in illness and disability due to reduced tobacco use in Australia over the last 30 years are estimated to be approximately $8.6 billion.

leading brand:

Winfield is the market leader within Australia, with the nickname of "Winnie Blues". With AC Nielsen , figures reveal a share of around 32% (offtake) in 2006; nearly double Winfields' closest rival, Longbeach , which is manufactured by Phillip Morris. Sales of a "limited edition" pack, that had a steel case, exceeded AUD$750 million in total value.


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