‚Äč'Quit Smoking Gum'
Quit Smoking Gum is another option that people use in order to quit smoking.
It is a nicotine replacment , which means that it still gives you the nicotine you are addicted to but with all the other nasty chemicals in a ciagarette also it lowers the withdrawl symptons involeded with quitting smoking.
You chew the gum and get your daily fix of nictoine but without the other 4,000 compounds. Research has shown that at least 200 of these compounds are poisonous to humans.As we become less dependent on the nicotine we cut out the amount of gum we use daily and eventually you cut it out altogether.

But you also run the risk of becoming addicted to the gum and your body may experience side effects such as : the hiccups , sore mouth or jaw , headaches , indigestion or nausea.

But Using the Gum is defiantly a much better alternative to cigarettes

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