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One of the alternative ways to stop smoking is hypnosis this is where they hypnotise you and then tell you to stop smoking then say when you wake you will no longer need or want to smoke. What is Hypnosis? It is a natural state of conciseness, were you are very relaxed it's no different to watching a really good movie or a good book your absorbed to it your their but not quite aware of your surroundings. Hypnosis works best on unhealthy habits, weird behavioural patterns and fears or phobias. Of course you can use it on other things but it works best on those four, hypnosis put's you in and altered state of mind where you are more

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Is it right for me?

Although there is a positive side to all of this it isn't for everyone it doesn't work on everyone some people just can't seem to relax and some people addiction is just to great. Before you get it done you should do research and see if this right for you.
After undergoing hypnosis most people feel a sense of well being.

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Are there any risks?
Is hypnosis in any way dangerous, if someone cannot treat their problems with non-hypnotic therapy they should not try to use Hypnosis.
Some of the complications include:-
Doctors say complications are "unexpected or unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviours during or after hypnosis which are inconsistent with agreed goals and interfere with the hypnotic process by impairing optimal mental functioning with no prior incidents or history of simular mental or physical symptoms. There are many more side affectsof hypnosis click the link to find out more.
What process is involve
  1. Find a comfortable calm place with no distractions
  2. They will tell you to...
  3. Relax your hole body part by part of your body
  4. then slowly close your eyes as you feel more relaxed
  5. They will tell you to repeat certain phrases to help you with whatever problem you have come to them to face...
  6. like "you will no longer be fat and overweight. you will be fit and healthy."
  7. Then they count down from 3 to 1 saying
  8. 3 slowly relize that your awake without opening your eyes
  9. 2 remember what you have learned
  10. 1 you will take what you have learned today when you open your eyes
  11. 0 open your eyes
    To get step by step instructions in more detail to hypnosis click here

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    Some hypnotheripist use devices like these

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    Sometimes hypnotherapy can make you think your somewhere or something else like a park or chicken. This is not that different to a book makes you think your part of it, or a movie ect.

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    Do you want to be hypnotised visit these sites to go out of this world...

    General Hypnosis...

    Hypnosis for smoking....

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    Mind Tricks

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    these are some of the symbols used to bring on hypnosis

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    By Joelle Zaffarese