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Patches Information:
One of the most popular nicotine replacement therapies avalible today are the nicotine patches. They were first introduced in the United States, by prescription in 1992. They were first avalible from your local shops in 1996. Nicotine is a smoking restriction, it helps you quit smoking.

What are Nicotine Patches?
A Nicotine Patch is a transdermal patch that releases nictine nicotine into the body throught the skin. It is used as a method to help quit smoking.

‚Äč Special warning about nicotine patches
When you are wearing or using a patch do not smoke, chew or sniff any form of tobacco, doing that you could overdose yourself with nicotine. For about several hours after you have removed the patch you have to be aware that there is still nicotine in your skin and passing through you blood stream, so again you should not smoke or inhale nicotine even when the patch is off.

Check before using patches

The use of nicotine patches may intensify certain medical conditions. Before you use any type of nicotine patch, make sure your doctor knows if you have, or have ever had, any of the following conditions:

Allergies to drugs, adhesive tape, or bandages
Chest pain from a heart condition (angina)
Diabetes requiring insulin injections
Heart attack or heart disease
High blood pressure (severe)
Irregular heartbeat (heart arrhythmia)
Kidney disease
Liver disease
Overactive thyroid
Skin disease
Stomach ulcer

How should you use Nicotine atches?
You should always use Nicotine patches as shown on the packet. The general procedure follows as shown:
-Take a fresh patch out of its wrapping and remove protective cover from the adhesive. Use the packaging for later disposal of patch.
-Stick the patch onto the outer arm or any clean, dry, non - hairy part of your arm.
-Make sure that the edges of the patch are sticking to your skin well, by holding down the patch for 10 seconds until secure.
-Make sure you wash your hands so that any nicotine traces on your hands do not cause irritation in your eyes or nose.
-After between16 or 24 hours (depending on the brand), remove the patch and apply a fresh patch to a different spot on your body. Do not place a patch to a previously used spot within a week to avoid irrigation.

The success rate for people Nicotine patches.

The success rate for people using Nicotine patches varies. The patch is only one part of the keys to quit smoking. If you main barrier to quitting is fear of withdrawal symptoms, but a patch can get you started with your new path.
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