tarhands.jpg TAR
What is tar?
Tar is something that forms in the lungs of people who smoke. It's a black, gooey kind of liquid that can destroy yor lungs. It slowly begins to take over your lungs after the first ciggaret and soon after that you won't be able to breathe properly. Tar can also stain your fingers and teeth and turn them a horrible yellow colour. Tar also causes lung and mouth cancer.
Tar makes up a part of every ciggaret and is taken into your body when you smoke. It's made from Nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Low tar ciggarettes
Now you might argue that there is the option of low tar ciggaretts to help get rid of this, but studies show that people who smoke these so called 'Healthier' ciggarets have just as much of a chance of dying than people who don't.

Cleaning your lungs
I would rather not freak you out by saying that once tar goes into your lungs it can't come out, and i'm not going to. A lot of people think that once you smoke and inhale the tar it stays there but there are ways to get rid of it. By eating the right foods, vitamins and excercising regularly can clean you lungs out in less than one year! If you stop smoking for 48 hours your lungs will begin to clean themselves and your heart will begin to go back to its normal rate as it wont have to work as hard to keep you alive.‚Äč

Dissadvantages to smoking
There are also other dissadvantages to having dangerous tar lungs. For instance on of the main effects this has on people is their breathing pattern. There are small hairs on the inside of your lungs. These little hairs are called CIlia. The cilia keep your lungs clean by filtering the air that you breathe in. But when the tar starts to build up, these little hairs can't do their job because they can't move properly. So if your lungs can do what they need to do, your airways get clogged up and you begin to cough.
For a few people this isn't such a big deal, apart from the fact your ruining your lungs, but for people who still want to excersise it's very difficult for them to breathe. In fact they can't even do one simple training session because they've been smoking.

Stop smoking messages
Many people have been diagnosed with lung cancer as a result of tar lungs. People all over have posted messages to tell people to stop smoking before it gets too bad. This website shows a few of those messages, click here to view them.

A years worth of tar in your lungs

What's in tar?
As you may be aware tar is made up of hundreds of chemicals, actually there are more than 4,000 compounds in one ciggarette. Some of these things are aresnic, rocket fuel, rat poison, candel wax, sewer gas and many other disgusting chemicals. So the next time you go to the shops to buy a packet of ciggarettes. Stop and think about what your doing to your body.

There are thousands of people all over the world that smoke. They may or may not know the full effect it has on themselves and the people around them, but if you're one of those people who are aware of these things please, STOP SMOKING!
If you don't; Tar Da, your dead.

Here are some pictures of tar and the effects it can have on you,

This is what your lungs used to look like
Plain disgusting.
Would you like a sip?