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General Information:

It is estimated that 600 people in Victoria are diagnosed with cancer of the throat, mouth or nose each year. Throat cancer can be detected early by being aware of any changes to the soft tissues in the mouth. More men than women are effected by throat cancer. Smoking greatly increases the risk of doveloping throat cancer in the mouth. Throat cancer is usually caused by excessive tobbaco use and/or ecessive alcohol use. Treatment is available for people who have cases of throat cancer but it is best if detected early, then there is a higher percent of the throat cancer being cured. The exact cause of throat cancer is unknown. This type of cancer, throat cancer is quite uncommon a mung other cancers like lung and mouth cancer. Throat cancer dovelopes with the increase of age.

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These are just some images of severe cases of throat cancer:
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These are some youtube links to videos that will show you about throat cancer: