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Tobacco Advetising, its something we are all mostly familiar with, click on the Tabacco Advertising to see more infomation. Tobacco Advertisingis shown in many ways, some in good ways and some in bad ways. Tobacco advertising show's effects, infomation and the product which in this case would be cigarettes to find out more. Advertising shows people what cigarettes can do to us, they can also alter that infomation. Tobacco Advertising was the act was designed to reduce the exposure of the public to messages and images that may persuade them to start or continue smoking or use tobacco products. Many restrictions are now in place for Tobacco advertising, such as reduced ads, they are restricting how much smoking ad's they should display becuase it might influence young children or just about anybody to start smoking. Many products are put into cigarettes but they are not always know to the untrained eye. Cigarettes contain thousands of killer chemicals that go unnoticed until one day its to late. Tobacco advertising in designed to either try and make you stop smoking or to make you start, many movies involve people smoking, this can influence people to start becuase they think, if a superstar does it, so should they. smoking superstars arn't a good influence on young people. click this hyperlink on the end to watch a few Tobacco add's.